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European Union adopts AI Committee Recommendations on AI Act

The European Parliament adopted the recommendations of the Special Committee on Artificial Intelligence in the Digital Age providing a roadmap until the year 2030 regarding its impact on climate change, healthcare, and labor relations

Srivats Shankar | May 02, 2022

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A picture of a cube representing digital markets


European Union Reaches Agreement on Digital Markets Act

Srivats Shankar | Mar 26, 2022

European Union reaches political agreement to introduce Digital Markets Act.


The “Top Ten Tech” Priorities: Britain’s New AI Strategy

Maathangi Hariharan | Mar 22, 2021

International Matters

The Quad Critical and Emerging Technologies Working Group: Tech for an Open and Inclusive Indo-Pacific

Maathangi Hariharan | Mar 16, 2021

Policy Development

European Union Considering Establishing International Treaty on Artificial Intelligence

Srivats Shankar | Jul 26, 2020

The European Union Ad Hoc Committee on Artificial Intelligence is considering an international treaty for artificial intelligence in its upcoming session

Policy Development

Department of Transportation Releases Document for Future of Transportation Regulatory Approach

Srivats Shankar | Jul 26, 2020

The US Department of Transportation releases document for facilitating communication between regulators and developers of emerging transportation technology

Social Security

Amica: Australia’s Solution for Dividing Assets

Srivats Shankar | Jul 23, 2020

Policy Development

International Center of Expertise in Montréal for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence Launched

Srivats Shankar | Jul 19, 2020

The International Center of Expertise in Montréal for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence has launched under the newly formed Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence


FINRA Releases Report on Securities Industry

Srivats Shankar | Jul 12, 2020

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority releases the report on Artificial Intelligence in the Securities Industry

Consumer Protection

FTC Charges Auto Dealer with Illegal Racial Discrimination

Srivats Shankar | Jul 08, 2020

The Federal Trade Commission has charged Bronx Honda with illegal racial discrimination

Policy Development

UK Government Releases Guidelines on AI Procurement

Srivats Shankar | Jul 04, 2020

The United Kingdom Government has released a set of guidelines on AI procurement

International Matters

Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence

Srivats Shankar | Jul 02, 2020

Global partnership seeks to bridge the gap between theory and practice on artificial intelligence and policy


Complaint Filed Against TikTok in the Northern District of Illinois for Misusing Biometric Data

Srivats Shankar | Jul 01, 2020

A class-action complaint has been filed in the Northern District of Illinois against the developer of the popular application TikTok for misusing biometric data

Consumer Protection

European Commission Opens Antitrust Investigation into Amazon’s Conduct

Srivats Shankar | Jun 25, 2020

The European Commission has opened a formal investigation into Amazon's conduct involving third-party sellers using its platform


Google Accused of Discriminatory Use of Machine Learning to Target Users on YouTube

Srivats Shankar | Jun 23, 2020

Google has been accused of using artificial intelligence and machine learning to target content creators based on their race, gender, and identity

Policy Development

European Commission Considers New Competition Tool

Srivats Shankar | Jun 22, 2020

To address an “increasingly digital and globalized” world the European Commission has proposed developing a new tool for addressing antitrust concerns

Policy Development

European Commission Considering Modernizing Digital Services Framework

Srivats Shankar | Jun 22, 2020

The European Union considers changing the scope of obligations for digital services and obligations imposed on them by the law


Senate approves National Defense Authorization Act of 2021

Srivats Shankar | Jun 21, 2020

The US Senate approves the National Defense Authorization Act of 2021 that approves spending for AI as part of the defense fund


Delhi High Court Permits Patenting of AI Inventions

Srivats Shankar | Jun 17, 2020

The Delhi High Court permits the patenting of AI inventions


Indian Medical Council Updates Professional Regulations to Limit AI in Consultations

Srivats Shankar | Jun 17, 2020

The Indian Medical Council updated its professional regulations prescribe when doctors can use AI in consultations

Policy Development

Government of India releases IndiaAI Platform

Srivats Shankar | Jun 17, 2020

Government of India opens a new platform for discussing AI and setting the agenda for the country’s use of AI

AI Theory

World Economic Forum Artificial Intelligence Procurement Report

Srivats Shankar | Jun 17, 2020

The World Economic Forum has a release a guidebook for public agencies around the world on how to procure and apply artificial intelligence


Senate Bill Seeks to Address Implications of AI for Intelligence Gathering

Srivats Shankar | Jun 17, 2020

Bill introduced in Senate that calls for studying the implications of AI for intelligence gathering

International Matters

UN Secretary-General Releases Roadmap for Digital Cooperation

Srivats Shankar | Jun 14, 2020

The UN Secretary-General Antnio Guterres releases his roadmap for digital cooperation following the recommendations of the High-Level Panel on Digital Cooperation


Red Cross releases Report on Limits on Autonomous Weapons Systems

Srivats Shankar | Jun 14, 2020

The International Committee of the Red Cross releases report on Limits on Autonomous Weapons Systems


Japan’s Artificial Intelligence Technology Strategy

Srivats Shankar | Jun 13, 2020

Japan’s Strategic Council for Artificial Intelligence Technology prepares a report on the country’s technology strategy

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Why there is no Stopping Anonymous Weapons

Srivats Shankar | May 20, 2019

Autonomous Weapons highlight the future of warfare – here are some things we can do about them

Singapore Proposes Governance Framework for AI

Srivats Shankar | May 02, 2019

Singapore develops its own AI framework – a first step

Getting Serious About Algorithms and Bias

Srivats Shankar | Apr 30, 2019

Senators Ron Wyden and Cory Booker consider the enactment of the Algorithmic Accountability Act to do away with bias in digital decision-making

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