Mission Statement

At AI Policy we seek to report on the growing field of AI, technology and law. Our work consists of a wide range of topics, ranging from reporting on the latest developments to policy pieces. To fulfil this objective we follow these guiding principles, which play a central role in our philosophies and objectives.

Know the Stakeholders

Our work at AI Policy is influenced by the current impact of technology and its projected future. With an overload of information on the impact of technology and how to regulate it, we seek not to make recommendations that would create an imbalance of power. Rather, we aim to use our knowledge to understand the concerns of different stakeholders, their interests in the field of technology and how policy can best address their needs.

To be able to balance and acknowledge the diversity of society, at different levels is something we at AI Policy strive to meet. At no point in time would we consider any policy outcome without taking into consideration this.

Understanding the Trajectory

Technology is developing at a breakneck speed. Just over a decade ago, it would seem unlikely that someone would be able to transmit videos on demand to everyone around the world. To be able to see what the outcomes of this technology will be and how members of society can interact with it is key to be able to make recommendations on law and policy that would take a more proactive understanding of society and technology, rather than reactive measures. To see the long-term picture, without being deterred by the short-term consequences, is something that we seek to imbue in everything we do. It is our humble belief that technology can never be fully addressed without understanding its projected growth and interaction in society.

Technology in many ways has grown independent from human cultures around it, and has arguably shaped human culture more than it has been shaped by human culture. That needs to change to a degree. Technology must necessarily respect human rights, dignity, morality, ethics, and legal systems. A sense of impunity and lack of authority cannot be an undertone for the growth of technology. New age technology must at the time of development necessarily factor in the potential impact on society both in the near future, and the long run.

At AI Policy we will look as to how technology can truly become one with these considerations and how the two can be integrated

Purposeful Solutions

Identifying the problem is a start – solving it is the real challenge. At AI Policy we will not only identify and present the challenges presented to humanity through AI, but we will also aim to provide concrete recommendations through legal policy that aim to address the underlying requirements for society.

To this end at we will work to not only report on the latest happenings in the technology world, but also offer our analysis and suggestions on targeting specifics of technology. It is our hope that any and all recommendations proposed go towards helping individuals and groups in the long-run, by providing not only a strong policy foundation but a direction for the technology to move. Any solution proposed is not aimed at stifling the growth of technology, while at the same time compromising on the rights of people. We will take a holistic view of any problem, work on the possible avenues to the technology and come to recommend concrete steps to be taken to improve long-term outcomes.