Amica: Australia’s Solution for Dividing Assets

Last year we had reported the Australian government considering the possibility of using artificial intelligence technology to streamline divorce proceedings, particularly the stage involving division of assets. Recently, this provision has become a reality with Amica, an artificial intelligence powered solution, which courts are projected to use as a form of alternative dispute resolution exclusively for dividing assets between couples. According to Australian federal government, the artificial intelligence solution would be used for separating assets in divorces that are “relatively amicable.” It is an initiative of the National Legal Aid and Legal Services Commission of South Australia to provide accurate information for separating couples and assist with maintaining lines of communications.

According to Amica’s website, their service primarily targets two post-divorce concerns – parenting arrangements, and division of property and money. The platform would serve as a forum for former couples to meet and discuss the possibility of dividing assets, with the biggest draw being the cost of service. It aims to be an affordable solution, especially in relation to legal services. The service would charge a nominal fee, which would go towards developing the service and maintaining the offering in the future.

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