Terms of Service

Object Clause

For all practical purposes, this agreement shall be applicable to AI Policy, any of its websites, services, applications, or any other technical service as may be provided. Usage of any AI Policy resource implies consent to this agreement.


  1. AI Policy – refers to AI Policy, its representatives and members, including, its employees
  2. Agreement – agreement refers to this set of terms and conditions, including the AI Policy privacy policy, ethics policy, cookie policy, and community policy, unless otherwise specified
  3. Website – includes the AI Policy website, any other website set up by AI Policy, any application provided by AI Policy, or any service provided by AI PolicyWebsite


All content displayed and services provided by AI Policy shall remain available and accessible to all individuals aged 14 years and above. AI Policy does not actively seek to solicit or solicit content from children. Parent(s) are solely responsible for content that is accessed by children.

All individuals and users who avail services, and access content displayed on AI Policy agree to view, avail and use such content and/or services in a manner that is not in contravention with any local, state, national and international laws, rules, regulations and directives. Users further agree not to avail such services and/or content to transmit harmful content, pornographic and/or obscene content, trojans, malwares or viruses. Further, content and/or services availed cannot be used for any data mining purposes by users, to extract any data from our network and database.


All of the content available on the AI Policy website is available under the Creative Commons 4 – Non-Derivative/Non-Commercial/ShareAlike License agreement. If you seek to use any content available on the AI Policy website for any other purpose we kindly request that you contact us in order to seek relevant permission and license wherever required.

License to use AI Policy content can be sought and we strive to ensure that content users receive a reasonable response.


The AI Policy logo, its textual representation, and visual interface are all part of the trademark of AI Policy. The trademark may not be used without explicit permission. AI Policy will determine usage of trademark on a case to case basis.


To the extent of the law, AI Policy shall not be held liable for any activity or initiative taken on any its website.

Third Party Links

AI Policy is not responsible and accountable for the veracity, accuracy and validity of third party links or internet resources displayed on its webpages.


The user of the AI Policy website shall in the event of any accruing of liability indemnify AI Policy to the full extent without prejudice.


It shall be at the sole discretion of AI Policy to amend, repeal, modify, or delete any part or whole of this agreement. This may be done with or without notice, subject to any existing subsisting law.


It shall be the sole discretion of AI Policy to determine whether the terms of this agreement will be applicable on any individual or set of individuals. By virtue of mutual consent a different set of terms and conditions can be mutually agreed upon.

Breach of Terms

In the event of any breach of terms contained within this agreement, AI Policy reserves the right to take recourse to legal action as may be deemed necessary. This can include seeking an injunction, damages, criminal penalties, among other remedies.

Dispute Resolution

All matters of contention between AI Policy and a user shall be determined on the basis of mediation. In the event of failure of mediation, the court shall be made to arbitration. The terms of the arbitration shall be determined by AI Policy on a case to case basis. It shall be at the sole discretion of AI Policy to resort to litigation as a mechanism for dispute resolution.

Applicable Law

For the purpose of this agreement it shall be determined that the applicable law shall be that of India. This includes all relevant legal instruments that are applicable within the jurisdiction of India. Additionally, for the purpose of dispute resolution, unless otherwise specified by AI Policy, the seat of resolution shall be within India.