World Economic Forum Artificial Intelligence Procurement Report

Jun 17, 2020 | Srivats Shankar

The World Economic Forum has a release a guidebook for public agencies around the world on how to procure and apply artificial intelligence

The World Economic Forum has released a guidebook for the public sector regarding the procurement and application of artificial intelligence. As part of its recent initiative to “shape technology governance” it has released this report to serve as a guideline on AI procurement, and the challenges faced by the public sector in procuring artificial intelligence technology. The document titled “AI Procurement in a Box” provides an overview on the project undertaken by the World Economic Forum to enhance artificial intelligence for the public sector.

The primary focuses of the guide are innovation, efficiency, and ethics. It seeks to establish a new approach to acquiring emerging technologies. The goal of the project is to encourage innovation, competition, and establish public trust in the technology. Procurement in the context of the guide refers to maximizing value and ethical development of artificial intelligence technologies. Risks of ineffective procurement of artificial intelligence can lead to limited accountability, undermine social values, and entrench market power of big business.

The guide provides principles and purposes that address specific concerns of procuring AI, ranging from risk assessment, user implementation, AI specification, and case studies. Additionally, it also provides suggestions on how to scope, pilot, and scale the technology.



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