Senate Bill Seeks to Address Implications of AI for Intelligence Gathering

Jun 17, 2020 | Srivats Shankar

Bill introduced in Senate that calls for studying the implications of AI for intelligence gathering

A bill was introduced in the US Senate titled “Intelligence Authorization Act for the Fiscal Year 2021” by Sen. Marco Rubio. The Bill like its predecessors is addressed to find intelligence and intelligence -related activities in the US. However, the latest bill calls for the “assessment of critical technologies” that includes artificial intelligence (AI) as per Clause 515. The Director of Intelligence as prescribed under the Bill is task with studying the implications of critical technology within 180 days of the bill being passed.

The bill also calls for export controls on this technology whatever required. Additionally, specifically relating to “computing power” the bill calls for studying the trends of global artificial intelligence development and implementation. It also calls for forward-looking assessment of how these resources can affect national security, innovation, and implementation of AI.

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European Union adopts AI Committee Recommendations on AI Act

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The European Parliament adopted the recommendations of the Special Committee on Artificial Intelligence in the Digital Age providing a roadmap until the year 2030 regarding its impact on climate change, healthcare, and labor relations

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