Artificial Intelligence is here to stay whether we like it or not – as companion or conqueror. It is in our hands to decide the trajectory of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. There has never been a better time to put our heads to work to shape the future of AI and society.

AI Policy was founded with the vision of addressing the ever-growing field of artificial intelligence. The law has historically been known to lag behind technological developments. We believe that it is time for a change. We believe that addressing policy aspects of AI contemporaneously can be used to address many an inequality that has traditionally pervaded the global village, to make it an egalitarian, and inclusive space.

At AI Policy we look to identify issues that stem from AI, whether it be during its development, operation, or interaction with society. Our research aims at addressing the vast array of fields that artificial intelligence is looking to change. Born out of a conversation on AI between two friends after class hours, we seek to use this space to not only reflect our opinions and suggestions on regulating AI, but also invite others to share their views and suggestions on developing the policy space with respect to AI. We believe that every individual has a stake in the development of AI and how it will impact our lives. Our mission is to establish a strong dialogue between policymakers, developers, and members of society. By identifying key pain points, our work aims to establish pragmatic policy objectives by breaking down ingrained perceptions.