Digital Cooperation – Report by the UN High-Level Panel

The UN Secretary-General’s High-Level Panel on Digital Cooperation has prepared its first report on digital cooperation


Safeguarding Human Rights in the Age of AI: Recommendations of the Council of Europe

In a report by the Commissioner for Human Rights in the EU, recommendations have been considered with regard to how human rights can be protected with regard to AI


World Economic Forum announces the creation of a ‘Global Artificial Intelligence Council’

World Economic Forum has announced the creation of a Global AI Council

Why there is no Stopping Anonymous Weapons
Autonomous Weapons highlight the future of warfare – here are some things we can do about them
The Changing Nature of Work – World Bank Report 2019
The World Bank considers the Impact of Advanced Technology on the Nature of Work in its Flagship 2019 Report
Public Knowledge Calls for an AI Regulator
Public Knowledge releases a report talking about the inevitability of AI and law – specifically calling for a regulator of AI