These FAQ’s cover a broad range of topics relating to AI Policy, from our goals and the scope of our work to how you can share your thoughts with our team. We strongly recommend you go through the FAQ in detail, following which if you have any query we would be happy to address. In case there is something you feel we need to address let us know by contacting us.

What is AI Policy?

We are a policy-think-tank that works towards developing and analysing policy for greater accountability, transparency, and responsibility, in relation to the usage of artificial intelligence (AI) and technology.

What can I find on your website?

We publish a wide variety of pieces relating to AI, ranging from reports on latest developments all the way to analytical pieces on how to draft better policy for AI.

What does AI mean in your context?

AI is a very wide term that includes within its ambit many facets. Just to give you an idea of the scope and breadth we recommend you take a look at our definition of AI, which despite our best efforts cannot be said to be 100% exhaustive.

Do you accept submissions?

Yes! We most definitely do. Take a look over here for more information.