France Bans Analytics of Judgesā€™ Rulings

In a potential slap to democracy, France has prohibited analytics of judicial rulings when they are identified and analyzed against the names of specific judges


The Artificial Intelligence Initiative Act is a Great Starting Point for State Investment in AI

A major investment legislation has been proposed in the US Senate


Federal Court of Australia Considers Applying AI to Dividing Assets in Family Court Matters

The Federal Court of Australia considers adding AI to its workflow in dividing assets

NITI Aayog begins Funding for AI ā€“ Allocates ā‚¹7500 Crore
NITI Aayog continues work on AI and its future in India
Facial Recognition Technology: Assessing the Spectrum of Regulatory Solutions – Part II
Assessing various solutions to ensure fairness in facial recognition
MCA to use AI for Registering Corporate Names
The MCA considers using AI for company incorporation