Srivats Shankar

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Co-Founder | Editor-in-Chief | Partner

Srivats Shankar is the founder of AI Policy. AI Policy aims to address the rapidly changing artificial intelligence industry and its relationship with existing legal frameworks. It reviews recent developments in AI, addressing specific and general aspect of AI and offers insights from experts in the field of AI and policy.

Currently, he is a student in National University of Juridicial Sciences, pursuing his BA/LLB degree. He serves on the Board of Editors in the NUJS Law Review, where he has contributed towards the development and expansion of the technological base, alongside his editorial responsibilities

Srivats is an active advocate for the open access and open sourcing of information. He works towards bridging the gap between society and technology to enhance the lives of people and for the greater good of society. His passions include Artificial Intelligence and Media.

He has a diploma in digital music production and has over five years of experience in video editing.